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Leveraging the potential of social networking for business means so much more then starting a Facebook page or Twitter account.  Facebook contests and ads help your business gain visitors, “likes”, search engine rankings, and emails of interested customers.  Word-of-mouth marketing is the most power marketing tool available.  Our Facebook contests encourages this my giving incentives to those who share your site with others.

Marketing campaigns are most effective when they target existing or interested customers.  All of our Facebook contests integrate directly with MailChimp, and you can export all collected emails and import them to just about any email marketing platform you choose.

We are a small home-base business that brings your business affordable Facebook contests and tabs.  We have taken the most important aspects of other premium contests and packaged them into one affordable offering.

Facebook Contests

All of our facebook contests come with these features:

Facebook Tabs and applications:

We also offer custom Facebook tabs and apps.  Reach out to your customers right on your Facebook page with ads, specials, stores, contact forms, coupons, etc…  A fan gate that require users to “like” your site before engaging in a promotion is also available.  When appropriate, this can be a powerful tool in gaining “like” and followers of your Facebook page.

Our design services are also available to help you create the most effective Facebook tabs.

Facebook tabs

Facebook tab

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